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  •  A course attendance certificate
  •  Tea and Biscuits during breaks
  • Lunch
  •  A notepad and pen
  •  A manual and datafiles

Course Code: JavaProgSE7
Duration: 5.0 Day

More about the Java Programming SE7:

In this Java Programming SE7 course you will work with advanced features of Java.

Study Methods available for this course;

   Classroom Training    Onsite Training
   Mentored Learning   Correspondence
   Virtual Classroom Training    Part Time Training


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Course Content

Lesson 1: Working with Classes

   Topic 1A: Create Classes
   Topic 1B: Create Variables
   Topic 1C: Write an Expression
   Topic 1D: Work with Arrays
   Topic 1E: Work with Static Class Members
   Topic 1F: Define Methods
   Topic 1G: Use Enumerated Data Types

Lesson 2: Controlling Program Flow

   Topic 2A: Work with Conditional Statements
   Topic 2B: Work with Looping Statements
   Topic 2C: Handle Exceptions
   Topic 2D: Handle Chained Exceptions
   Topic 2E: Write and Enable Assertions

Lesson 3: Implementing Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

   Topic 3A: Extend a Class
   Topic 3B: Overload and Override Methods
   Topic 3C: Work with Interfaces
   Topic 3D: Create Inner Classes
   Topic 3E: Examine Object-Oriented Design Concepts

Lesson 4: Working with Java Utility Class Libraries

   Topic 4A: Work with Strings
   Topic 4B: Format and Parse Strings
   Topic 4C: Work with Dates, Numbers, and Currencies

Lesson 5: Using the Java I/O Package

   Topic 5A: Work with the File Class
   Topic 5B: Work with Byte Streams
   Topic 5C: Work with Character Streams
   Topic 5D: Read Files
   Topic 5E: Write to a File
   Topic 5F: Manipulate I/O Objects

Lesson 6: Using Collections

   Topic 6A: Work with the Collection Interface
   Topic 6B: Work with the Set Collection
   Topic 6C: Work with List Collections
   Topic 6D: Work with Queues
   Topic 6E: Work with the Map Collection
   Topic 6F: Work with Collection Utilities

Lesson 7: Working with Generics

   Topic 7A: Declare Generics
   Topic 7B: Implement Generics

Lesson 8: Using Multi-Threaded Programs

   Topic 8A: Create a Multi-Threaded Program
   Topic 8B: Synchronize Threads

Lesson 9: Managing Java Applications

   Topic 9A: Implement Garbage Collection
   Topic 9B: Deploy a Java Application

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