Finance Essentials

Course Code: FinEssen

Duration: 1 Day 

Finance Essentials will provide an overview of the basics of finance in business. It will cover financial roles and responsibilities in business organizations, discuss the purpose of financial reports and documents as well as how to read them, and examine money in business and the role of the federal government in regulating financial concerns.

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Course Content
Lesson 1: Understanding Business and Finance
   Topic 1A: Describe Business
   Topic 1B: Select a Type of Business
   Topic 1C: Describe Financial Roles and Responsibilities in Organizations
   Topic 1D: Define the Role of Finance in Business

Lesson 2: Reading Financial Reports and Documents
   Topic 2A: Describe Basic Financial Documents
   Topic 2B: Read Financial Statements in Annual Reports

Lesson 3: Focusing on Financial Institutions
   Topic 3A: Describe Federal Control of the Money Supply
   Topic 3B: Describe Banking Systems

Lesson 4: Understanding Financial Management
   Topic 4A: Select a Financial Plan for a Business Organization
   Topic 4B: Describe Mergers and Acquisitions
   Topic 4C: Describe International Business and Finance

Lesson 5: Practicing Financial Ethics
   Topic 5A: Practice Social Responsibility in Business
   Topic 5B: Exercise Financial Ethics in Business


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