Developing and Presenting Successful Training for Non-Training Professionals

Course Code: TrainTheTrainer

Duration: 1 Day 

You may have spent years honing your skills and developing expertise in a subject area. Your colleagues recognize the depth of your knowledge and your keen ability to zero in on problems and elegantly resolve them. But now you've been thrust into a training role—you are not only required to exercise your skills, but communicate your knowledge to others. For many who assume a training role, that transition is not easy. Training involves a specific set of skills that an expert in a particular field may not possess. In this course, you will learn how to develop and present successful training.

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Course Content
Lesson 1: Identifying the Training Needs
   Topic 1A: Establish the Training Charter
   Topic 1B: Perform a Needs Analysis

Lesson 2: Creating Content
   Topic 2A: Develop Classroom Content
   Topic 2B: Write Engaging Instructional Material
   Topic 2C: Develop Activities
   Topic 2D: Develop Assessments
   Topic 2E: Develop Visuals

Lesson 3: Presenting Your Training
   Topic 3A: Assess Your Strengths as a Trainer
   Topic 3B: Present Your Classroom Training
   Topic 3C: Manage Your Classroom Training
   Topic 3D: Present Your Remote Training
   Topic 3E: Improve Your Training

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