Effective Time Management

Course Code: EffecTimeMang

Duration: 1 Day 

Time is a form of currency, and the ways that we talk about it illustrate its value: we say “Time is money,” and “My time was well spent,” or “It's a waste of time.” Like most professionals, you've probably struggled with managing this resource effectively. In this course, you will practice techniques that will help you achieve more effective use of your time so that you can direct your energy towards the activities that will further your professional and personal goals.

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Course Content
Lesson 1: Defining Goals
   Topic 1A: Define Time Management
   Topic 1B: Describe Your Dreams
   Topic 1C: Identify Regrets
   Topic 1D: Articulate Goals

Lesson 2: Analyzing Energy Allocation
   Topic 2A: Identify How Energy Is Spent
   Topic 2B: Analyze Tasks
   Topic 2C: Analyze Time Usage
   Topic 2D: Analyze Energy Flow

Lesson 3: Identifying Personal Style
   Topic 3A: Review a Successful Day or Project
   Topic 3B: Analyze Your Preferences
   Topic 3C: Identify Personal Strengths
   Topic 3D: Identify Personal Motivators
   Topic 3E: Reduce Time Wasters

Lesson 4: Assembling the Toolbox
   Topic 4A: Negotiate for Success
   Topic 4B: Delegate Tasks
   Topic 4C: Choose Tools that Work for You

Lesson 5: Creating an Action Plan
   Topic 5A: Create the Action Plan
   Topic 5B: Evaluate the Time-Management Process

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