Sales Neogitiation

Course Code: Salesneg
Duration: 0.5 Day 

You will apply sales negotiation strategies when interacting with customers to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

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Course Content
Lesson 1: Preparing for Negotiation
   Topic 1A: The Negotiation Process
   Topic 1B: Analyze Your Customer
   Topic 1C: Determine the Elements of an Offer

Lesson 2: Utilizing Tactics, Counteractions, and Strategies
   Topic 2A: Identify Buyer Tactics
   Topic 2B: Utilize Counteractions
   Topic 2C: Develop Negotiation Strategies

Lesson 3: Negotiating an Agreement
   Topic 3A: Develop the Offer
   Topic 3B: Present the Offer
   Topic 3C: Close the Negotiation

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