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Included in the course

  •  A course attendance certificate
  •  Tea and Biscuits during breaks
  • Lunch
  •  A notepad and pen
  •  A manual and datafiles

Course Code: Flash

Duration: 4.0 Days 

Level 1 and Level 2 included in this course.(Each Level is 2 Days) 

Course levels can be requested individually.


The tools available in Adobe® Flash® CS6 can be used to create and manipulate a variety of graphics and animations ranging from simple designs to complex animated sequences

Study Methods available for this course;

   Classroom Training    Onsite Training
   Mentored Learning   Correspondence
   Virtual Classroom Training    Part Time Training


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Course Content

Day 1 & 2:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Flash CS6
   Topic A: Identify Components of the Flash CS6 Interface
   Topic B: Identify Elements of a Flash Project
   Topic C: Customize the Flash CS6 Interface

Lesson 2: Planning a Flash Project
   Topic A: Establish Project Requirements and Documentation
   Topic B: Implement Best Practices in Rich Media Design

Lesson 3: Creating Illustrations in Flash
   Topic A: Start a New Project
   Topic B: Draw Basic Shapes
   Topic C: Draw Advanced Shapes
   Topic D: Add Static Text

Lesson 4: Organizing the Project
   Topic A: Use Folders to Organize the Library
   Topic B: Use Symbols to Organize for Reuse
   Topic C: Use Layers to Create Visual Depth

Lesson 5: Importing Assets into Flash
   Topic A: Use Copyrighted Material
   Topic B: Import Bitmap and Vector Images
   Topic C: Optimize Bitmap Images for Flash

Lesson 6: Creating Animation
   Topic A: Create Frame-by-Frame Animation
   Topic B: Create Tweens and Embedded Animation
   Topic C: Create Motion Tween Animations
   Topic D: Animate a Mask
   Topic E: Create a Button Rollover
   Topic F: Working with Motion Paths

Lesson 7: Adding Basic ActionScript
   Topic A: Use ActionScript to Control Animation
   Topic B: Add Button Actions

Day 3 & 4:

Getting Started with an ActionScript Programming Project
Lesson Objectives
   Extending the Behavior of Flash Objects
   Accessing Structured Data
   Using Components for Display and User Input
   Using Media Content from External Sources
   Making Rich Media Content Accessible
   Publishing a Movie

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